Male IEU 08.03.16 Sex and drugs and rock-and-roll

Jonathan Armour led this meeting of the Unit.

The title taken from Ian Dury’s 1977 record, but follows on from the comment by Jeremy Deller about Iggy Pop posing for his life drawing class…

“His body is central to an understanding of rock music and its place within American culture. His body has witnessed much and should be documented”

Our model and subject for this week’s meeting of the Unit was Max. As he is not a professional life model, poses were fairly straightforward, and during the second and third periods, were longer. This enabled us to work through a more sustained scrutiny.

Triggered by our discussions, and being a writer, Max jotted down some thoughts about himself which he has entitled “The soul beneath the skin”. This was shared with the group in advance. It gives an insight to the subject areas upon which we might have personally reflected in our session.

“His body is central to an understanding of the culture of gay men from the 1980s to today, his body has witnessed and recorded much and should be documented”.

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