Male IEU 15.03.16 movement, colour and interferences

Andres Canovas led this session of the Unit, entitled Movement, Colour and Interferences.

Non static poses in various steps each. The model will carry a basic colour object in one of his hands that could help to trace a movement. Multimedia screen with quotes, audio and images: to be ignored or to be included as best suited.

Try to capture the entire movement. Better focus on the movement than on the steps.

Deconstruct the way we draw the human figure. Develop an emotional response rather than a literal approach to what is happening in front of us.

POSE 1: Nowhere

TIMING: One single pose of 4 minutes in 7 steps

QUOTE 1: ‘In the figurative arts, erotism appears as a relationship between clothing and nudity, therefore it is conditional to the possibility of movement –transition from one state to the other.’ Mario Perniola, quoted by Seth Koven in his book ‘Slumming – Sexual and Social Politics in Victorian London’

VIDEO AND AUDIO: ‘Nowhere (2009)’ central scene, tribute to Pina Baush by Dimitris Pappaioannou.

POSES 2: Victorian photographs

TIMING: 10 poses of 2 minutes and in 2 steps each with 30 seconds in between poses.

VIDEO: Montage edited by AC with images from Derek Jarmans’ ‘Blue’ and still images of old early photographs by Bayard, Rejlander, Cornelius and others.

AUDIO: Initial scene of Derek Jarmans’ movie ‘Blue’, ‘The Marbled World’ by Ian Hawgood, ‘Sola Gratia (Part 1)’ by Squirl and ‘Matadjem Yinmixan’ by Tinariwen.


Untitled7 Untitled11 Untitled10 Untitled9 Untitled8


POSES 3: Elegy (Blue) and Zumanity

TIMING: 2 poses of 5 minutes and in 2 steps each, with one minute in between poses.

Untitled12 Untitled13

VIDEO AND AUDIO: First pose: John Zorn’s movie ‘Blue’ from ‘Elegy’; second pose: ‘Two Men’ from the Cirque de Soleil’s show Zumanity in Las Vegas.

Untitled14 Untitled15 Untitled18 Untitled17 Untitled16

POSES 4: Waking Up and Space weaver

QUOTE: ‘Do not look at the world using your eyes only. Is a grey puddle with a full moon, nothing but a puddle? The biggest blindness ever consists in seeing only what everyone else sees.’
From the poem book ‘Puntos de Fuga’ by Lorenzo Olivan.

TIMING: 2 poses of 10 minutes; fist pose in 3 steps, second one in four; one minute in between poses.

Untitled19 Untitled20

VIDEO AND AUDIO: first pose, ‘Making Up’ video by Marieke de Ross and Aurora–Preslav Literary School; second video ‘Space Weaver’ by Lisa Gerrard.


Untitled21 Untitled25 Untitled24 Untitled23 Untitled22


POSES 5: ‘Monte and Tony’ and ‘Monotone Simphony’
TIMING: 2 poses of 20 minutes and in 5 3 steps each.
QUOTE: ‘It is said that that sex is a form of quarrelling because the very essence of desire is argument and its character is perverse’
Kamasutra. Book 2, Chapter 7 ‘Modes of Slapping and the Accompanying Mood’.



Untitled27 Untitled32 Untitled31 Untitled30 Untitled29 Untitled28

Untitled33 Untitled34Untitled35



One Reply to “Male IEU 15.03.16 movement, colour and interferences”

  1. Andres says:

    Amazing step forward guys. I can see some unexpected approaches towards drawing the human figure. Color adds an extra dimension to it.

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