Male IEU 24.05.16 The impact of colour

Neil Groom led this meeting of the Unit.

For this session we used different coloured backing paper to surround the figure in colour, in order to explore how being enveloped by colour might effect the figure. We initially started with one colour, then tried alternating colours either side of the figure – to explore how the reaction of two colours would further effect the figure.

Although the colours were in themselves not particularly strong, en- masse they became very dominant and somewhat overwhelmed the model. His pale skin served as a kind of mirror with subtle (and not so subtle) reflections of colour bouncing off him. At times the two colours were so dominant that the figure appeared less of an entity and more like a divider or frontier between two opposing colours.

One Reply to “Male IEU 24.05.16 The impact of colour”

  1. Andres says:

    It’s a shame the space limitations don’t let us work with color more often. Loving these pieces!

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