Male IEU 14.06.16 Both Sides Now

Brian Dennis led this meeting of the Unit.

Both Sides Now ‐ Drawing from multiple angles. As we are using dry media on pads (rather than our easels) we should be able to move around the room – and around the model. This session is about drawing the same pose from multiple angles.


Warm up ‐ Every move you make… there will be five two minute poses to warm up. The model will take the same pose for each two minute period, but will face a different direction. The warm up will help to familiarise the artists with the model’s body seen from all sides. 18:05 – 18:20 (allowing for model to shift position)


Exercise 1 – Draw like an Egyptian…. This is a very loose take on the Egyptian style of portraying the human body. During this long pose artists should move around the model in order to paint different parts of the body from their favourite angle. The aim is to create one cohesive form from multiple angles. For the first exercise I suggest sticking to the actual number of limbs, heads, appendages etc that the model has, simply portraying different parts from different angles. 18:25 – 18:45

Exercise 2 – Hindu you think you are…? – Brahma, Vishnu, and Lakshmi are a few of the Hindu gods portrayed with more than the usual number of a part of the body. page4image256Examples of the ‘multiplicity convention’ seen in Hindu art include Brahma’s four heads that look in the four directions of the compass, and Lakshmi’s four arms which represent the four goals for humanity. The point of the exercise is to draw the model but if you find a part of the body you enjoy drawing, then incorporate multiple representations of it. Obsess over it, repeat it. 18:50 – 19:20

page6image256Exercise 3 – Flayin’ Alive ‐ create a free‐form image using the surface of the body from different angles and different body parts conjoined in any assemblage on the page. You could create an accurate map of the surface or completely disregarding the natural order of things. 19:30 – 20:00

I want to Break Free ‐ Do whatever you would like as long as it incorporates different angles.

I want to Break Free ‐ Second pose to do whatever you like as long as it incorporates different angles.


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