Male IEU 23.08.16 Saya Bungkus

Brian Dennis led this meeting of the Unit. Saya Bungkus – (Sai’ – uh Boong’- koos)

“I am wrapped”. The word bungkus is used in colloquial Malay to mean tired, broken, or dead. The literal translation from Tamil is wrapped; the slang use of the word originates from the tradition of wrapping of the dead body. Hantu bungkus means ghost.

Tonight’s session is about working with the shroud and the human form. The aim is to corroborate on the creation of several pieces using fabric, a variety of media, and the model’s body. There is an additional level to consider. Not only will we work together to create pieces, but the process of creation will hopefully become an entity of its own – it will be recorded.

The format of the evening will be less formally scheduled than usual: instead conversation about subject matter, techniques, and presentation will be encouraged, perhaps even recorded, and we can decide between how best to approach each creation.

To provide a framework with which to begin, the evening could be divided into four interpretations:

The body, wrapped. The fabric will be worked on the model, using the contours of his body and the folds of the fabric to create form and pattern.

The shrouded self – words and ideas that the artists or model have been “wrapped” in (by themselves or by others) will be written, painted, expressed on the fabric or on the model directly. Perhaps the words the ideas are applied to the fabric and then the model is wrapped in the fabric, or perhaps the ideas are applied to his skin and then wrapped within the fabric. Are the ideas protective or damaging? Do they come from within or without?

What is left on the shroud – the body is used to imprint the shroud.

The second skin – the shroud is laid over the model (On a table? On the floor?) The artists work to withdraw the model’s likeness through and onto the fabric.


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