Male IEU 27.09.16 Obscure and distort.

Richard Dickson led this meeting of the Unit.

The starting point for this session was the work of Jenny Saville an artist whose critical observation of everyday people creates pieces that have flesh inscribed and displayed like a topographic map. The warm up poses had the model pressed against the window so that the surface of the body became distorted. Following longer poses had the model under a glass table which not only distorted flesh but also perspective. A long pose crammed in a box challenged artists perception of form and finally the model posed below or above eye level and between a complex structure of ropes which dissected and confused the models pose.
Distorted against the window:

Suppressed under the glass table:

Compressed in the box:


Strung up:


One Reply to “Male IEU 27.09.16 Obscure and distort.”

  1. Martin Ireland says:

    Have you thought about enclosing a model in a perspex box or in a sturdy enclosed space with either matt black, or intense colour and viewed from above?
    Consider which way is up? Which way is inside or outside? Where is the light coming from and how does colour transmit onto skin?

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