Male IEU 18.10.16 Manhood and Gentleness, Old and New

Andres Canovas led this meeting of the Unit.

This session deals with the representation of the male form through adornments, postures and protocol: THE GENTLEMAN, a figure that encapsulates the menace and power of manliness within the acceptability and safety of gentility.

“Funny how the new things are the old things.” Rudyard Kipling

The portrait of the gentleman is subjected to fashion, social norms and ideals of masculinity, but it repeats itself re-creating or re-inventing one single essential concept.

However difficult this essence is to define, every era, every trend and fashion, every-body, develops its own set of rules that would frame the parameters of manliness, respectability and good taste.

One may argue that gentleman-ness is a man’s mask. The question is whether the mask hides or reveals the wearer’s real nature.

Today, Mark will be sitting for us wearing his clothes and in every-day, mundane and relaxed poses. The aim would be to go beyond the portrait, in search of the indescribable essence of a gentleman, the new and old, the wild and the tame.

The session will start with shorter poses that will progressively grow in length.



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