Kamlan Munsamy 2, studies

Like most of us, Kam is always concerned about how others might see him. As I had painted on his back only, he sought to sense/feel what it was like. Continues below gallery…

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These are the studies for Kamlan Munsamy 30.05.15. The visual language came out of discussions about the back versus the front. Leaving the front unpainted added to Kam’s sense of frustration about not being able to see what was painted on him. He wanted to get a feel for it, and tended to want to reach round to touch it or claw it from his back or shoulders.

It was to suggest a chrysalis shell; skin being shed or scraped off, or ectoplasm emerging. Both my hands and Kam’s hands were involved at times to gouge the paint, which triggered their redness.

In a sense, the haptic gaze is built into the work. The red hands and the red marks on the skin denote contact.

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