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Male IEU 17.01.17 Light dark, translucency, transparency, highlights and shadows

Brian Dennis led this meeting of the Unit. We also welcomed Francisco Gomez de Villaboa to the Unit for his first time. Using an assortment of lighting styles, including candles, transparent fabrics to enhance or disrupt the future. The short video here gives further idea stimulation. Working under candle light… Behind

Male IEU 03.01.17 and 10.01.17 Drawing in 3 dimensions

Richard Dickson led this session of the Unit. Using the work of Antony Gormley as a starting point, the group viewed examples of his work and the preliminary sketches that he created when planning his sculptures. With this in mind we started with a drawing session examining the same pose from a

Male IEU 29.11.16 and 06.12.16 Colonising the body

Jonathan Armour led this meeting of the Unit. It occurred to me that most of the members of Male IEU, including me, are products of colonial activity around the world, in most part by Britain. In this session, we are re-engaging with the social context for our work, to examine again

Male IEU 22.11.16 Is the devil still relevant?

Brian Dennis led this meeting of the Unit. For this session we will be examining the concept of the Devil in art. In a slightly unusual approach, we would like to spend the first portion of the evening (30 minutes or so) discussing the development of the character of the Devil in art,

Male IEU 15.11.16 Exploring drawings of Lucien Freud

Chris Tasman James ran this meeting of the Unit. To explore three reoccurring approaches in the drawings of Lucien Freud: -Contouring with line -Vertical scanning and elongation -A view of the figure that peeks around the edges of the form and presents both views on the same plain Materials: Some

Male IEU 08.11.16 Twins

Richard Dickson led this session of the Unit. Twins – As a development from our reflective session when artists were asked to consider the figure and the reflected image we moved onto considering twin figures and the complimentary relationship between the forms. Having looked at historical examples of twins ranging from

Male IEU 25.10.16 Bodily Structures

Neil Groom led this meeting of the Unit. For this session we revisited an earlier theme of using the body as a structure and also relating it to the architectural structures found in an interior. We looked at Giacometti and the way he structurally frames his figures within a space and

Male IEU 18.10.16 Manhood and Gentleness, Old and New

Andres Canovas led this meeting of the Unit. This session deals with the representation of the male form through adornments, postures and protocol: THE GENTLEMAN, a figure that encapsulates the menace and power of manliness within the acceptability and safety of gentility. “Funny how the new things are the old things.” Rudyard

Male IEU 11.10.16 Layers

Brian Dennis led this meeting of the Unit. This week we will explore and experiment with working in layers.We may want to work on different sheets of tracing paper or we may want to work on one piece of paper, building up layers of different mediums. We may even wish to layer textures. The approach:

Male IEU 04.10.16 Scrutinise the physical body.

Jonathan Armour led this meeting of the Unit. After several sessions of multiple poses and much movement of artists and model, this session was designed to enable a more calm study of the male body. Across three periods, the head/shoulders, the torso and then the body from the waist down would

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