Jonathan Armour is a trans-media artist who’s fascinated by the human body, the person within and the skin which mediates between us. His practice which revolves around instinctive exploration and scientific experimentation often touches upon age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and body adjustments.

Born in Coleraine (NI), a first degree in Engineering steered an early career into IT and business, but life-events provoked a Foundation course in Art in 2012-3 which led straight into an MA in Fine Art from 2013-15, which marked the birth of his creative career.

Armour often works collaboratively with his subjects to explore aspects of them which usually confront aspects of himself. Invoking a range of media across drawing and oil painting, digitisation, direct body work to time-based digital work, he brings an off-piste approach to examining the human condition.

His work has been exhibited widely in the UK, Europe, Australia and USA.

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2013-15, MA in Fine Art, City and Guilds School of Art, London.

2012-13, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, City Lit College, London.

Previously, BSc Engineering, University of Bath.


Perfection / Speculation at Praksis, Oslo, starting on 15th August 2020 and continues online for 12 months until cumulating with 5 weeks in Oslo from 9th August 2021 and an exhibition at the Vigeland Museum.

The residency is informed by Adam Peacock’s Genetics Gym project. The residents are selected from investigators whose focus is on the modifiable human body as a medium of expression, experimentation, research and social interaction: artists, designers, scientists, writers, psychologists, programmers, film- and video-makers and anthropologists.

Perfection / Speculation will connect with body cultures of the past, present and future. It is supported by the Vigeland Museum and Karmaklubb. Praksis is funded by the Arts Council Norway and the City of Oslo.

Perfection / Speculation will revisit the work of Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) to investigate past and future constructions of gender, race, sexuality, age, body politics, and the notion of the ideal human. Also it aims to probe the social and digital cultures arising from discussions and practices around genetics and the body, and to establish a hub within global conversations about future impacts of design technologies on our bodies.

Curated Exhibitions

2020, Unmasked, Impulse Movement, online.

2020, Reconstruct, Pride Atelier, Berlin.

2020, Arada Arts Festival, Istanbul.

2020, In the Dark 2020: Even Darker, Cello Factory, organised by The London Group with Flux Events and Computer Arts Soicety, curated by Genetic Moo.

2020, Civil Disobedience: residente o visitante, Romantso in Athens, curated by Menelas.

2020, Digitalized Perspectives, MK Gallery, Portland USA, curated by Gabrijel Hammong Savic Ra.

2019, Fugita, Chapel at Brompton Cemetery, London, curated by Robert Taylor.

2019, RIOT, Socially Engaged Art Salon, Brighton, curated by Dr. Gil Mualem-Doron.

2018, Exceptional, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London, curated by Rosalind Davis.

2017, All our tomorrows… conference, Anatomy Theatre King’s College, London, curated by Gabriel Gbadamosi and Jonathan Meth.

2017, Dartington Outing, Dartington Hall, Devon, curated by Dr. Kevin Childs.

2017, In Your Face, Salisbury Arts Centre, Salisbury, curated by Sadie Lee.

2017, Summer Salon, Lubomirov Angus Hughes, London, curated by William Angus-Hughes.

2017, Now, where are we? 1967-2017, Strand Gallery, London, curated by Michael Petry.

2017, Federation Square public viewing, Melbourne, curated by Alison Bennett.

2017, Exceptional, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London, curated by Rosalind Davis.

2017, Midsummer Horizon Testing Grounds, Melbourne, curated by Alison Bennett.

2017, Visiting Lecturer, Norwich University of the Arts, invited by the Dean.

2017, Melt Festival, Brisbane, curated by Alison Bennett.

2017, Heaps Mardi Gras, Sydney, curated by Alison Bennett.

2016, Uncertain States, Mile End Arts Pavilion, London, curated by Uncertain States magazine.

2016, Money and Power, Guildhall Art Gallery, London, curated by Katherine Pearce.

Upcoming Exhibitions(details in News)


Other Exhibitions/Events

2019, What’s the point?, Menier Gallery, London.

2019, Looking the Other Way 2019, Espacio Gallery, London.

2019, FLUID Berlin, the Ballery, Berlin.

2019, FLUID, Espacio Gallery, London. 

2017, GPN17, Hackney Wick, London.

2016, Indelible, Camden Image Gallery, London.

2016, DeArte, Palacio Neptuno, Madrid.

2015, Re:Defining Beauty, Leyden Gallery, London.

2015, 1 plus 3 skins, C&G Art School, London.

2015, 16/15, Muse Gallery, London.

2019, Fugita, Chapel at Brompton Cemetery, London.


All our tomorrows…, Anatomy Theatre King’s College, London, October 2017.


Now, where are we? 1967-2017, Strand Gallery, London, June-July 2017


The Lord Mayor of City of Westminster Ian Adams holding an original copy of the Wolfenden Report, with the team that delivered “Now, where are we? 1967-2017”.
Jonathan Armour​, Guy Burch​, Kevin Childs, Jonathan Cooper, Brian Dennis​, Richard Dickson​, Santiago Echeverry​, Franc-off GodeVi​, Sunil Gupta​, Charan Singh​, Angel Ito​, Brad Kenny​, Michael Petry​, Richard Sawdon Smith​, Milan Svanderlik.

#androtechne #nowwherearewe

“Exceptional”, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London, February 2017


“DeArte”, Madrid, February 2016


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