Floor Skin

Floor Skin, is part record, part repository of evidence of a performative exploration, continuing the collaboration with Roy Joseph Butler. It explored how he responded to paint, with his visual sense removed (blindfolded). The end result was peeled off the floor, creating a semi-transparent paint-skin membrane, that requires viewing from both sides. Each side of Floor Skin differs in detail and feel. It is important that something which was created using touch, feel, contact, should be “viewed” using touch as well. Continues below gallery…

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Inspired by Didier Anzieu’s functions of the “Skin Ego”, this specifically explored Tactile Traces, Intersensoriality and Libidinal Recharging. Whilst the model primarily worked under my instructions, at times he was invited to consider how he was feeling in that particular moment/paint/situation, and to request a colour or initiate a movement in contact with the skin of the floor, in response to that. His skin became highly sensitised, and he was clearly in a very primal place.

The semi-transparency is intriguing. Each side is different; one side has a layer of skin peeling off. The linear pockets which self-formed during the bonding onto silk chiffon suggest keloid forms, akin to the skin of the model when healing from scars.

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