Fugita (120cm x 150cm) is the first work to be exhibited from the creative collaboration between Jonathan Armour and Robert Taylor

One of a series, this piece evidences a physically creative expression that skirted choreography and composition in search of a refreshed way of signalling the exquisitely complex dynamic of being in a mature yearning body. It occurred almost despite our deliberations about what we wanted to see and express – fighting its way into existence through a pretty anguished attempt to conquer vanity and gravity, a wry take on the myriad discomforts of being vulnerably human.

Jonathan Armour_Fugita_Mixed Media_120cmx150cm_2018

Perhaps from this moment of lived time, the fugitive nature and unpredictable behaviour of the pigment and casein celebrate the fleeting ephemeral nature of the body and its inhabitant.

Some of the rest of the series:

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