Jar of Liver

The exhibition of BrOther (see News) is about the relationships/connections between men and others; how we see/describe/label ourselves and each other and therefore how we approach/treat each other. 

IMG_1513 cropped

‘Flesh vase for dick flowers’, oil painting, 24.5cm x 20cm.

These three oil paintings of liver pick up on the old hetero-male derogatory term for sex with women (like fucking a jar of liver): it makes a comment on how people of all genders and across a range of sexualities treat each other these days using sex-dating apps.

IMG_1422 cropped

‘Cardinal Pleasures’, oil painting, 28.5cm x 17cm.

Hannah Gadsby’s recent comment about Picasso’s attitude to women expressed by his painting “flesh vases for dick flowers” seems quite appropriate.

IMG_1510 cropped

‘HnH’, oil painting, 18cm x 28.5cm.

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