Roy Joseph Butler 7, studies

Following on from the session that produced Floor Skin, Roy was keen to try clay, with/out mixed with paint. We discussed the sensitive connection here to tribal body decoration, and modern primitivism. As someone who has studied Social and Political Theory to MA level, he was aware of possible connections. Continues below gallery…

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These are the studies for Roy Joseph Butler 28.05.15.

From earlier experimental sessions, I realised that the activated body/materiality of a clay-paint mix, and the resulting cracking, would have a dramatic effect on his skin. I was keen to capture the detail on the skin, the texture, the paint marks, the cracks and gaps between the paint.

The palette developed on the day from the initial range of yellows through oranges, and were offset against areas of lightly coloured clay. The highlighting used flouro-yellow, to accentuate the “lava” flows along some parts.

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