Male IEU 15.11.16 Exploring drawings of Lucien Freud

Chris Tasman James ran this meeting of the Unit.

To explore three reoccurring approaches in the drawings of Lucien Freud:

-Contouring with line

-Vertical scanning and elongation

-A view of the figure that peeks around the edges of the form and presents both views on the same plain


Some of the exercises are going to involve mark making similar to Neil’s The Beauty Of Line session. Best to use soft pencils, markers, ink pen and materials suitable to make quick lines.

It might be a nice idea to combine some of the warm up exercises on one sheet. Bring along a large sheet of paper if you have it.

The session will be structured similary to my first session where we did some super fast directed exercises followed by 30 minute poses where we can choose what we would like to do. The timings below will probably change a little.

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