Blood Head

My starting point for this work was that in November and December 2020, I had symptoms which were described as similar to long covid – though apart from an intermittent cough in early November, I was not aware of having any covid symptoms before that.
Periods of slight breathlessness and light headedness were trumped by a strange erratic, heavier, lumpy and faster heart beat than usual. Often it would occur at times when the body was at rest – in bed for example. Then I would feel my heart thumping arrhythmically – every so often making a lurch to one side of the chest.
The blood would pulse and throb around my head making the assumed presence of the virus feel hostile and the blood/virus seemed to coagulate with my worries into a coven of anxieties.

I started work on this as a collaboration with AI through the app @Playform, using several sets of images from my back catalogue to train the neural networks.

Creative genius Bari Goddard introduced me to the album “Plague Mass” by Diamanda Galas. It is a phenomenal work.

With Bari on vocals, the Blood Head soundtrack is inspired by “This is the law of the plague”. The original was written by Diamanda Galas and for whom copyright and all rights are reserved.

Additionally in both the title and the thinking I am inspired by Marc Quinn’s Blood Head which also had a melting quality, I believe.

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