ID: the Anagnorisis of Sgt. Creelan


On the evening of Friday 9th May 1997, Sgt Vincent Creelan of the RUC, went into the Parliament Bar in Belfast to ID the body of PC Darren Bradshaw. Bradshaw had been suspended by the RUC for “attending gay parties”. A friend “shopped” him that night in order to avoid himself being knee-capped by the INLA for “anti-social behaviour”.


Sgt Creelan had feared coming out in solidarity with Bradshaw, however, in the moment of ID’ing Bradshaw’s body, Creelan is forced to confront himself, causing a delamination of his layers of identity.


This work follows on from Skin flux and rupture and Earth Skin.


RUC statements of 10th May 1997 and 17th May 1997:



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