Perfection / Speculation at Praksis, Oslo, started on 15th August 2020 and continued online for 12 months until cumulating with 5 weeks in Oslo from 9th August 2021 and an exhibition at the Vigeland Museum.

The residents were selected from investigators whose focus is on the modifiable human body as a medium of expression, experimentation, research and social interaction: artists, designers, scientists, writers, psychologists, programmers, film- and video-makers and anthropologists.

Perfection / Speculation connected with body cultures of the past, present and future. It is supported by the residency partners, the Vigeland Museum and Karmaklubb.

My participation in the Perfection|Speculation Residency is supported by the Arts Council England.

During the residency several themes arose…

Immortality, future body-aesthetics, consciousness.
Sentient beings, co-existing land, chimera.
Unrequited love, genetic compatibility, onto-exhaust.
Exoskeleton, adaptation, time.
Trans-corporeality, dependence, interchange.
Heterotopia, cellular time, heirloom genes.

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