Now, who am I?

The following is extracted from “About” – I use the term Theatre of Selfs because my practice is a dialogue with my collaborators, which is about aspects of them, but which I am using to explore or confront aspects of myself.

IMG_6316 cropped

IMG_6317 adjusted

In this work, I am stepping in front of the curtain, and confronting myself through a series of drawings, often incidental, sometimes composed. We live in a world saturated with photographic self-portraits, where few take as long to execute, and none involve such clinical self-scrutiny and invoke self-reflection as a self-drawing.

IMG_6305 cropped adjusted

Not coincidentally it occurs at a phase in life where we tend to ask questions of ourselves, about who we are and where we are.

IMG_6330 adjusted

IMG_6327 adjusted

The background painting is of grandparents, painted just after grandmother died in 1977.

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